A Pioneer of Autonomous Driving Enabling the Mobility of Future
A Team of AI and Automobile Talents With deep understanding of Self-Driving
Bring a Breakthrough to the Industry In the Trend of Software-Defined Vehicle

Bring AI-Fisrt Mobility to Life

Founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley, Nullmax is an AI technology firm specializing in the autonomous driving industry. Nullmax has established collaborations with global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

As an industry leader, Nullmax persists in the autonomous driving approach of MLF (Machine Learning First). We have developed a platform-based software system which contains vehicle applications and cloud software for autonomous driving.

Nullmax's driving-parking integration solutions are well recognized in the industry and have been implemented in numerous mass-produced vehicle models.


A Team of Talents With Full Experience in Commercial

Not only have unique and profound understanding in autonomous driving, but also top ability to make researches and products for large scale commercialization.
  • Lei Xu
    Lei Xu Founder/CEO

    Dr. Lei Xu earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University at Buffalo, and has over 15 years of experience in CV and ML.
    He founded Nullmax after working for Qualcomm and Tesla, where he was a core member of the Autopilot team. At Tesla, Dr. Xu led the development of deep learning network for TeslaVision from scratch, and successfully replaced the Mobileye vision system used in Tesla's first-generation products.
    Moreover, Dr. Xu has published more than 20 papers in top journals and academic conferences, and served as a reviewer many times for academic journals and conferences.

The Notion of Nullmax Bring AI-First Mobility to Life
Our vision Lead the Transformation of AI-First Mobility
We brave the challenges and explore at the peak of artificial intelligence to develop game-changing technology.
Our Mission Make Autonomous Driving for All Scenarios to Accelerate AI-First Mobility
We embrace changes and devote ourselves to realize comprehensive transformation by means of advanced technology.

Our Journey from Null to Max

Max 1.0 2016-2019


Founded in Silicon Valley.


Traffic Jam Pilot (TJP), Highway Assit (HWA), Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP)finished, all-in-one solution basically completed.


Strategic investment from Desay SV.

All-in-one self-driving solution unveiled. Urban driving function finished.

Max 2.0 2020-2023.9


Technical solution ported to mainstream chips and optimized for popular platforms.

Covering high, mid and low tier computing power platforms.


A-round invsetment from FutureX Capital.

Mass-production order from top Chinese OEM and famous new automaker.


Mass-production projects coming to SOP. Technology system of full-stack software upgraded.


Crazy SOP.

Delivering mass production for platform-based model projects with mutiple leading automotive manufacturers.

One SW Platform BEV-AI Architecture upgraded.

Max 3.0 2023.10-Present


B-round > $100M Fund-Raising.

New mass-production projects to come later.


Promote larger-scale landing, Accelerate the iteration of cutting-edge technology, Embrace new global markets.

Max 1.0
Max 2.0
Max 3.0

On the Way to AI-First Mobility We devote every effort


Nullmax has won a number of honors from government departments, industry associations, and well-known media, which encourage us to continuously explore autonomous driving.

In the News

On the path of growth, Nullmax has gained a lot of attention and support, and its progress has been fortunately recorded by the media.

On the Way

Nullmax is taking the lead in large-scale commercialization of self-driving, and has launched a series of self-driving solutions for TI TDA4 and Nvidia Orin, some of which set a record in the industry.